Pete Butler - Founder, CEO

About MS Companies

For 20 years - MS Companies has continuously invested in resources to stay at the forefront of technology and digital communication. Through our scalable and centralized digital platform, MS Force, we have reduced client’s overhead and helped contain errors with innovative reporting technology, all while supplying a fully trained and flexible workforce. 


We saw a need in the industry for transparency and solved it with a platform to connect everyone to the data. In 2008, Hackd was founded for specialized software and app development.  As a consulting division for MS Companies, their data analysts develop customized technology products that give MS Companies’ clients in the manufacturing industry a leading edge.

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Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas.


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MS Companies is an ISO Certified company for Sorting, Inspection and rework for the automotive industry and various other industries.

To ensure that all affected employees of MS Companies are protected from hearing loss during work operations. This procedure is also intended to inform all interested persons that MS Companies is complying with the OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure Standard, Title 29 Code of Federal Regulations 1910.95.

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